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PC & Windows Guides

Here will appear all the guides associated with PC that I will create in the future. If you have an idea on what I could make, please let me know.

Some things planned: FPS/performance guides, Windows troubleshooting, Font installing/arrangement, built-in Windows tools guides, system customization, diagnose and repair common problems...

Web Tools, Programs & Apps

C++ programs or Online HTML + CSS + JavaScript Web Applications that I've written - maybe they will be useful for you.

Software & Technology

Tips and tricks regarding currently used software and technologies will all appear here.
[writing in progress... ]
Some things planned for the future:
- Guide: when png files can be smaller than jpgs?
- Info: handy dictionary of technology words/phrases etc.
- Guide: correctly organizing your font management [for overall faster Windows and programs].
- Guide: Windows usage tips for enhanced user experience
- Guide: tips about faster Windows startup
- Guide: Handbrake - guide for exporting videos
- Guide: x264 - guide for most optimal quality
- Guide: how to use symbolic links (cmd)
- Guide: create your own automated backup with one simple built-in windows tool
- Guide: fps guide - what specifically to do to increase FPS?
- Article: Explaining CPU-FPS and GPU-FPS
- Article: The myth of VP9/h.265 vs h.264 codec quality

If you have your own suggestions, write me them!