rezno[R] Online Sequential Number, URL & Text Generator

Simple pure JavaScript code for generating custom text/links/URLs with numbers in sequential order of your chosen incrementation steps.
Generates custom number of lines and can save them into a .txt file in the following template:

[ optional symbol/text ] + [ number ] + [ optional symbol/text ]

Works on Opera, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Microsoft Edge. Download doesn't work on Internet Explorer or Edge Mobile.

Please try not to generate too much links at once, otherwise your browser may crash.
(~100000 is the recommended maximum)

rezno[R] Online Sequential Number, URL & Text Generator
Your custom text, URL or symbol/character:
[ optional, leave empty if desired ]
Your starting number:
Your ending number:
[ must be bigger than the starting number ]
Incrementation step of the number:
[ optional, default is 1 ]
Your ending symbol/character or text after the number:
[ optional, leave empty if desired ]

Trying to save over 1.5 MB of links in a .txt file might not work. But you can still Select All and copy them manually from the text-box. This will also work in a case when you entered any special characters which would be automatically converted to HTML entities in the resulting file.

Thank you for using!

Code first written in object C++ and then rewritten into HTML + CSS + JavaScript by rezno[R] © 2019.

Free for personal usage!
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I'm open for any suggestions of improvements in this tool: contact information.