Best possible global sound settings in Windows Vista/7/8/10
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If you are unsure about what are the most optimal sound settings for various scenarios - playing music, playing games, watching movies, recording gameplay - then I created this guide specifically for you. I hope that by this guide you will have all the useful advices about all the recommended sound quality settings in one place. I divided it into categories to make it easier to use.

Movies - recommended sound settings

If you won't understand some of the terms used in this guide - don't worry and please check out the Prologue and Understanding The Perfect Sound sections! [ links will open in a separate tab ]

[ This guide is still in progress... here will appear the most optimal settings used for movie playback with recommended movie players. ]

Links and useful resources

Useful links and resources used in conjunction with sound, software and programming experience to create this guide:

  • Microsoft's official developer references for Windows audio stack
  • Old article in polish about improving audio quality in Windows systems
  • Creative's official manuals (really more people should read them)
  • ...and maaaany years of testing sound cards in games/movies/music on various headphones, DACs and sound cards.

Thank you for reading

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