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About the author

My nickname is rezno[R], my name - Michael/Michał.
My dream is to help people understand daily used computers, software, technology using a friendly, simple language, while still keeping it sufficiently detailed.

I always somehow had a natural talent for perceiving details which for most people don't seem too obvious at first look.
Thanks to this maybe I can help you see something you were using on a daily basis from a new perspective.

How this webpage came to life

Due to many problems in family and life - resulting from it low self-esteem, shyness, social phobia, depression and combined with my introvertism - I didn't manage to continue official education. So I was forced to be completely self-educated in all aspects - by learning and actual practical experience. This also includes writing this website in Notepad++, line by line, since about 3 months.

I started here completely from scratch, without any previous knowledge about how to write programs or web pages. Therefore please excuse me if something doesn't work correctly or doesn't look too well/professional here... [I know it doesn't] I really only just started.

But my dream is to help others solve their problems. Therefore I had this idea of creating this website and fill it with guides and information about things that I feel I'm good in - so that hopefully others will find it useful.

Learning new things along the way, while helping others, will be just a really nice bonus for me. I wish to never stop developing myself.

Thank you!

Without the support of others this page wouldn't exist. Creating this webpage in the first place wouldn't be possible without one very special and unique person who inspired it. All that I'm doing here is dedicated to you.

In this place I want to also thank all other people who I met on my journey in the internet and who managed to endure with me until this day.

  • Two amazing people from Poland - Mirosław Zelent and Damian Stelmach - who created the youtube channel Pasja Informatyki and their website Pasja Informatyki. I couldn't have learned anything from programming without them and all their motivational videos about human psychology. In my case it was literally from zero to hero because I didn't know almost anything about general programming, C++, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, SQL, Bootstrap etc. before and I didn't believe in myself that I could even manage to learn it. They helped me understand that everyone can learn anything, if they will only start from the basics and do it slowly step by step, every day, and don't give up, even if something feels a bit difficult to understand at the beginning.
  • Piotr a.k.a. Razor - his youtube channel RazorDevils - a very valuable and helping person with similar interests and character to mine, with whom I always had very motivating and intelligent talks about our passions - technology, PC, games and others. Without him I would never discover such an amazing masterpiece like NieR:Automata. The second person who inspired the creation of this website. You should totally check out his youtube channel especially if you like racing games - his skill is amazing.
  • Andrzej a.k.a. MightySavagE - his youtube channel - who for a long time helped me discover new and amazing music, movies, games and managed to endure all those boring text walls about audio I sent to him. Now I can do the same... but globally. You should totally check out his youtube channel especially if you like fragmovies and trailer/audio edits.
  • ...and people from deviantArt with whom I also shared my thoughts at some point and who were patient, kind and managed to find the time for me.

May the Force be with you - always.

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